As a software tester many times we need to learn more than one programming language due to either project dependency or personal interest. In this short post I am sharing few tips from my experience on how to overcome the starting problem and learn a new language with step by step approach.
  1. Start with minimum environment needed.
  2. Spend some time leaning the features of any popular IDE, most importantly how to debug code.
  3. Begin with a simple problem statement.
  4. Solve the problem using the programming language you already know. For example if you know Java, solve the problem using Java first. This step will not take much time.
  5. Identify the concepts used in solving the problem like variables, loops, classes, file handling, exception handling etc needed for solving the problem from step3. 
  6. Now try to learn and implement same using the new language for example Python. You can take help from your favourite source (blogs/videos/books)
  7. If you already have any existing code related to the problem, try to understand the code flow using debugger (this step is very important).
  8. Once comfortable, add few unit tests check if you have covered the suggestions given by your testing mind.
  9. Now based on your unit testing try to optimise the code you have written before.
  10. Once comfortable in step9, time to move to step 3 again for picking the next problem to solve.